10 Best IPTV Reviews (Jan 2022) – Top IPTV Service Providers


Are you wandering here and there in the search of a replacement for your cable network? Are you willing to find a service that suits your needs and also provides you with thousands of live channels? If yes, then you are in right place as today I will write on IPTV Reviews

This article is a beautiful compilation of all the services that I have already used previously. It is going to be a bit long as I have added my thorough research and rigorous testing to it. In addition, I have utilized all of the services myself so you can trust everything I will say here will be genuine and precise. 

As more and more people are turning to IPTV technology, a large number of providers have entered the game and the number is constantly growing.

Among such a big crowd, it can be a difficult task to find the best service for yourself. Therefore, I have compiled a complete and perfect list of the Best IPTV Services that are ruling the market right now.

In case you are unfamiliar with it, it is the short form of Internet Protocol television. IPTV is one of the new technologies in the broadcasting industry that delivers streaming and video content over the internet. It is a cheaper technology designed to replace traditional cable connections and satellite systems.

Top 10 Best IPTV Reviews 2022

#1 Xtreme HD IPTV – Best Budget-Friendly IPTV Service

#2 IPTV Trends – Best IPTV service with quality content

#3 Sprimee TV – Good for short term use

#4 Iconic Streams IPTV – Cheap IPTV provider

#5 King IPTV – Best for VPN users

1. IPTVTrends


The first entry on our list is IPTVTrends, which needs no introduction when it comes to the best IPTV service providers in the market.

Although It is a bit expensive compared to other providers, its unrivalled user experience and speed, and reliability are what make it superior among others.

The thing that I love the most about IPTVTrends is 24 hours stability. It comes with more than 100 stable servers. Thus, the stability of these servers is not the thing to worry about. In addition, there will be no buffering or lag during your streams.

Moreover, IPTVTrends is offering over 19 thousand Live TV channels along with over 56 thousand video-on-demand content, Electronic program guide (EPG), movies, dramas, and Tv series.  Such a big number of premium channels and content is very rare to see anywhere else.

Customer support is one of the factors that makes IPTVTrends unique in the crowd of IPTV service providers. When I utilized this service, I instantly became a fan of it and the reason was, definitely, its customer support.

Their customer support team is very swift when it comes to solving users’ streaming issues. 

Besides this, IPTVTrends works on every device, from any location. No matter if you are an Android user or an IOS user, this service is going to work for you. They also provide M3U, MAG as well as Enigma Files.

Furthermore, it supports every video format, from High definition (HD) to 4K videos. Plus, this quality stream comes without any type of buffering or lag. In addition, IPTVTrends supports over 20 devices per subscription connection.

In short, once you get this service, you will never be disappointed. The good thing is that it comes with a free trial period. So, I would suggest you to, at least, go for the free subscription.

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These are some key features of the IPTVTrends service

  • Comes with a 24-hours long free trial for just 2.99 dollars.
  • IPTVTrends is offering over 19 thousand Live TV channels from all over the world. 
  • Provides more than 56 thousand Video on demand (VOD) content
  • Instant Activation – once payment is successful, your service will be activated immediately.
  • Provides 24/7 customer support that fixes issues immediately
  • Comes with over 100 stable servers with no buffering.
  • Supports all video formats including HDR and 4K.
  • Works with almost every device.


  • More expensive compared to other service providers



The pricing and plans offered by IPTVTrends are quite amazing and affordable. The starting plans cost a total of 18.99 dollars per month. You can get the same subscription for 150 dollars a year which is 30% off.

Moreover, the quarterly package costs a total of 50.99 dollars, and the 6 monthly subscription plan costs 80.99 dollars. The Annual plan starts from 150 dollars per year.

However, you can also get the biggest lifetime offer that costs a total of 500 dollars per subscription. I would strongly suggest you go for this plan if you want to get a 1 year or 2-year subscription.

Start with IPTVTrends $2.99

2. Xtreme HD IPTV


Xtreme IPTV is the best service provider on our list because of its dedication, user experience, and stability. It is one of the new entrances in the IPTV industry but getting a lot of popularity in no time due to its superior service.

Xtreme HD IPTV is quite similar to IPTVTrends but relatively less expensive.

Moreover, Xtreme HD IPTV comes with an astonishing 19000+ live TV channels. It also provides over 50 thousand Video-on-demand content, EPG, movies, and TV series. Plus, these channels and content can be seen in any format without any buffering or lag. These formats include HD, Ultra HD, and 4K content.

Xtreme HD IPTV can be utilized on a large number of devices. These devices include MAG, Dreamlink, AVOV, Firestick devices. It also supports IPTV apps like IPTV Smarters, KODI, VLC Media Player, and XBMC.

These devices run Xtreme HD IPTV service without any stability problems.

Another thing that I loved about Xtreme HD IPTV is its 24/7 customer support. The experienced technicians are ready to help you cope with your streaming issues around the clock.

They are available through email, by phone, or by live chat. Once you inform their customer support team about your issues, they will settle them in no time.

To be honest, Xtreme HD IPTV is my personal pick among the Best IPTV Service Providers in 2022. The reason behind this is its extra cheap prices that despite affecting its quality at all. Plus, I didn’t find any stability or reliability issues while streaming my favourite TV channels and movies.

These are some key features of the Xtreme HD IPTV service

  • Offers over 19 thousand live TV channels worldwide.
  • Comes with 24 hours customer support service which aims to settle your issues immediately.
  • Offers more than 50 thousand VOD, EPG, Movies, and TV shows
  • Works with almost every device as well as IPTV apps such as KODI and IPTV Smarters Pro.
  • Cheaper IPTV service compared to other providers
  • Comes with a large number of stable servers
  • Supports files like M3U, Enigma, and MAG


  • Comes with only a few payment methods 



Xtreme HD IPTV is incredibly cheap when it comes to pricing. They are currently offering 1 month, 6 month, annual, and 2 years subscription plans.

A monthly subscription starts from 14.99 dollars a month while quarterly (3 months) subscription costs a total of 44.99 dollars per month.

On the other hand, they are offering a 6 monthly subscription for 70.99 dollars and an annual plan for 130 dollars per year.

However, 2 years subscription plan is available for only 200 dollars per subscription which is huge. My personal suggestion for you is the 2 years subscription plan as it would save a lot of money for you.

Get XtremeHD IPTV Trial

3. Best Streamz IPTV


Best Streamz IPTV provides access to over 9000 Live TV channels as well as Video-on-demand content which is huge. These channels are from the United States, Canada, UK, Asia, and Europe. Although it is not that famous, it is still one of the best IPTV service providers.

Best Streamz IPTV is quite an affordable service that starts from 16 dollars per month. In addition, it comes with a 24 hours long trial period which costs only 2 dollars. It is very handy as it lets you try this service yourself. So, you can leave it if it doesn’t fit you.

Moreover, the variety of the channels is quite impressive. Best Streamz IPTV provides sports, movies, TV series, Pay Per View events as well as cartoon TV channels for kids. Thus, it has something of interest for almost every family member including kids.

Furthermore, Best Streamz IPTV provides many more features including parental control features. You will have access to a favourite section where you can add the desired channels, TV shows, and Movies. You can also integrate an external player like VLC Media Player for high-definition streaming.

These are some key features of Best Streamz IPTV

  • Provides a 24-hours long trial period for only 2 dollars
  • Offers over 9 thousand live TV channels from all over the world.
  • Gives access to a huge number of Video-on-demand content including movies, EPG, TV series, and Pay Per View events.
  • Comes with a huge number of servers that are a hundred percent stable.
  • Comes with a parental control feature to keep sensitive content away from kids
  • External player integration is enabled which is amazing for high-quality streaming.
  • Accepts payments through credit cards
  • Allows screen sharing to watch content on different devices.


  • Packages are a bit overpriced compared to the quality that they deliver.
  • Lack of effective customer support



Best Streamz IPTV provides some affordable prices but these are a bit expensive compared to its service delivery. The monthly plan starts from 16 dollars per month which provides access to every feature and service in a nutshell. It allows 3 connections per subscription.

On the other hand, the quarterly subscription costs a total of 54 dollars for 3 months allowing 5 simultaneous connections at a time. It gives access to the same features and services as the monthly subscription.

However, its bi-annual subscription costs a total of 90 dollars which is huge. If you subscribe to this plan, you will definitely be saving a reasonable amount of money.

4. Iconic Streams TV


Iconic Streams is another popular IPTV service that is getting a continuous endorsement from users every day. Like Best Streamz IPTV, it also comes with over 9 thousand live TV channels and about 3 thousand VOD content ( mostly Netflix and HBO movies and TV Series).  

To be honest, What I loved the most was their great customer support service. Once I encountered an issue while streaming and informed their customer support team. They got it settled in no time. So, it rocks when it comes to resolving the issues.

Moreover, it comes with over 110 servers from all over the world. These servers are always stables round the clock. During my experience, I didn’t experience any buffering or lag at all as it runs smoothly.

Another good thing ( or maybe bad for some readers) is that all the subscription plans don’t contain any Adult/18+ content. All the packages come at affordable prices which is cool. I would personally recommend you to go for this service.

These are some notable features of Iconic Steams TV

  • Provides more than 9 thousand Live TV channels
  • Comes with over 3 thousand VOD content – which mostly includes movies and TV series from Netflix and HBO
  • Offers 24-hours customer support 
  • Provides no adult content at all which can be good for some users
  • Comes with over 110 stable servers from all over the world


  • Provides no adult content at all which might be disappointing for some of the users.



As I told you earlier, Iconic Streams IPTV is a bit expensive compared to other providers. A monthly subscription costs a total of 19.99 dollars per month allowing 3 devices per subscription.

The quarterly plan (3-months) plan costs a total of 25.99 dollars. It also allows 3 devices per subscription. However, the annual plan is going to be the best choice for you if you want to save some money. It comes for 59.99 dollars only and allows 3 devices per subscription.

5. Helix IPTV


Helix IPTV is one of those new IPTV providers that have been receiving good ratings and reviews for its amazing user experience, speed, and reliability.

They are offering a massive number of over 65 hundred live TV channels from all over the world. These channels are mostly from the USA, UK, Canada, and Latin American countries.

Moreover, it comes with huge video-on-demand (VOD) content including movies, TV series, EPG, and Pay Per View content. They are offering about 14000 movies and about 500 TV series. In addition, they are providing some of your local area channels to entertain you as much as possible.

Furthermore, Helix IPTV has one of the biggest collections of Adult Content for you to watch. They are currently offering about 100 adult channels from all over the world. 

One this that I admire the most is that it is reasonably priced. Helix IPTV is affordable for everyone without having an impact on its quality.

Moreover, it is compatible with almost every device including Android, IOS, Enigma, Formuler, GSE, KODI, Perfect Player, Firestick, and Smart IPTV.

Take a look at the features of Helix IPTV.

  • Comes with over 65 hundred channels worldwide
  • Providing a massive amount of VOD content (14000 movies and about 500 TV series)
  • Updates are constantly arriving
  • VPN integration is enabled
  • Comes with over 100 adult channels – some of them are available 24/7
  • EPG is good
  • Compatible with all devices including IOS, Android, Firestick e.t.c.
  • Supports almost every video format including HD and HDR


  • More than one connection costs extra 7 dollars each
  • Buffering and lag are experienced sometimes



As I mentioned earlier, the packages offered by Helix IPTV are relatively cheap and affordable. A monthly subscription plan costs a total of 11.34 dollars per month. It comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

The Quarterly subscription costs a total of 29.84 dollars for every three months. It comes with a 25 days money-back guarantee.  However, the annual plan costs a total of 97.88 dollars annually which is huge. This package also comes with a 15 days money-back guarantee.

6. Yeah IPTV


Yeah IPTV is one of the most popular and continuously growing IPTV services in the market. But why? Well, it is compatible with a large number of devices including Android, IOS, FireStick.

In addition, they offer a massive number of over 6000 live TV channels and VOD options. These are the reasons Yeah IPTV is so much popular among IPTV lovers.

Another thing that I loved about this service is that it is affordable for everyone. The basic subscription costs only 13 dollars per month that comes with premium channels from United State, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and Asia. All of these in just 13 dollars. Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, it comes with a 24 hours trial for under 3 dollars. In case, if you are not satisfied with this review, you can get that free trial and check it out yourself. Yeah IPTV offers sports channels, movie channels, news, songs as well as cartoon channels for kids.

To be honest, If you are one of the old cable or satellite TV users and paying a big amount of money for watching your favorite content.

Then Yeah IPTV is the best option for you as they offer everything that all of them offer but at a very affordable price. I would strongly recommend checking out this service by subscribing to the free trial.

These are some key feature of Yeah IPTV

  • Comes with a massive number of over 65 hundred live TV channels.
  • Very affordable pricing compared to other service providers
  • Offers 24 hours free trial for under 3 dollars
  • Good electronic program guide (EPG)
  • VPN integration is enabled
  • Provide M3U and Enigma files
  • Accepts the only Bitcoin for payments
  • Provides customer support through their email and customer support form.


  • Only accepts Bitcoin for payment which is not cool
  • Comes with only one connection



Yeah IPTV pricing starts from 13 dollars a standard subscription. The duration is one month after which you will have to renew the subscription. 

Quarterly subscription costs a total of 29.9 dollars each. While the 6-month subscription costs 57.30 dollars per subscription. 

However, an annual connection costs 95.90 dollars per subscription. Moreover, if you want to use Yeah IPTV on multiple devices, you will have to pay an additional amount of money for it.

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7. Comstar IPTV


Comstar IPTV is one of the fastest-growing as well as affordable IPTV services in the market. It has been rocking in the industry for over 2 years now and getting more and more popularity due to its reliability, user experience, and stable service.

Furthermore, this service comes with over 10000 live TV channels from all over the world. These channels are from United States, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Instead of this, they are offering a massive amount of VOD options that include movies, TV series, Electronic Program Guides, and Pay Per View events.

Comstar IPTV comes with a unique recording feature. Throughout my experiences in the IPTV industry, I observed very few providers that offer this feature. It lets users record their favourite streams and content while they watch it. 

Moreover, Comstar IPTV has one of the fastest working customer support teams. While customer supports helps a company to stand out in the market with so much competition, how can such an amazing service be bad at it? Once you inform them about your issue, you will settle it within a few minutes.

Comstar IPTV is compatible with a large number of devices. These devices are Android and Android Box, IOS devices, Firestick, ROKU, Dreamlink, Avov TV Online, VLC Player, Best Player, Kodi, and GSE smart IPTV. in addition, it supports almost all of the video formats including HD and Ultra HD.

Take a look at some notable features of the Comstar IPTV service 

  • Offers 0ver 10 thousand live TV channels worldwide
  • Comes with over 9 thousand Video-on-demand content 
  • Unique recording feature
  • No extra hidden bills at all – start enjoying your favourite movies, series, and streams right after the payment
  • Supports all video formats including HD and Ultra HD
  • Effective customer supports service – settle your issues in minutes
  • Affordable for all the customers ( starting from 13 dollars for standard subscription)
  • Supports all the major payment methods including PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, JCB, and back transfer.
  • Compatible with all devices including Android and IOS e.t.c.
  • Comes with a 48-hours free trial which is amazing


  • Some of the channels might not work for some users
  • Sometimes causes technical issues while streaming



Comstar’s subscription packages come with different price sets. The monthly subscription can be subscribed in 14.99 dollars per month which allows one connection at a time. While the quarterly subscription costs a total of 29.99 dollars. You won’t be able to use more than one device at a time.

However, the annual subscription comes in 79.99 dollars per year. It also allows one simultaneous connection at a time. I would recommend you go for this service as it saves a reasonable amount of money every year.

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8. Sprimee TV


Spree TV is quite similar to Comstar IPTV but better in quality and user experience. They offering 11000+ live premium TV channels from all over the world.

It includes 3950 sports channels, many movies, TV series, news channels as well as cartoon channels for kids. These TV channels are mostly from the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Asia. 

Moreover, Sprimee IPTV comes with a massive number of over 25000 Video-on-demand content. With the help of this,  customers can watch their favourite movies, web series, dramas, TV series, Electronic Program Guides (EPGs) as well as Pay per view events. 

Just like Comstar, Sprimee TV is an affordable IPTV service despite having any effect on its user experience. Their packages start from 16.65 dollars a month. It also offers a 24 hours free trial so that you can check it out yourself. 

Furthermore, Sprimee TV is compatible with every device including Android, MAC, IOS, FireStick, and apps like IPTV Smarters, TVmate, and XCIPTV. In addition, it supports every video format including HD and Ultra HD. 

Customer Support is what makes accompany succeed in such a competitive era, and Sprimee TV rocks at it. They are offering a 24/7/365 customer support service via email, phone, and live chat.

Their customer support team is very friendly and kind and they are ready to settle issues in minutes.

Check out some notable features Sprimee TV service 

  • Offers over 11 thousand live premium TV channels from all over the world
  • Comes with a massive number of over 25000 VOD (video-on-demand) content
  • 175 Pay per View channels worldwide
  • About 4000 High Definition Sports channels
  • Offer 24/7/365 customer support service
  • Compatible with almost every device including Android and IOS
  • VPN integration is enabled
  • Also provides access to local TV channels
  • Provides M3U, MAG, and Enigma files


  • Comes with a limited number of payment options



Sprimee TV Packages are very affordable as I told you earlier. The monthly package comes in 16.65 dollars while allowing you to have access to every feature it provides.

3 months subscription costs a total of 34.55 dollars per connection. which is amazing and money-saving. While on the other hand, 6 monthly subscription comes in 64.40 dollars per package.

However, the annual plan costs a total of 101.40 dollars per year while providing you access to every feature out there. If you ask about my own opinion,

I would say that it is the best option if you are looking for a service that is affordable as well as amazing. Plus, keep in mind that all the payments are not refundable.

9. Daily IPTV


It is not easy to hate an IPTV service that comes with excellent features and Premium quality, and Daily IPTV is one of them. At the time of this review, they are offering over 12 thousand premium live TV channels from all over the world. Most of the channels are from the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

I know it is very difficult to find a cheap, fast, and reliable IPTV service these days but you are taking the right choice if you are choosing Daily IPTV.

But why I am saying that? Well, it is one of the original sources of premium and HD/UHD live TV channels. In addition, it is constantly been ranked among the best IPTV services in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Moreover, Daily IPTV also hosts a massive number of Video-on-demand content. It means that users will be able to watch their favourite movies, Web Series, Dramas, and EPGs under one subscription. Plus, all of this content is available in High Definition and Ultra High Definition format.

Customer support is one of the features of those feature of Daily IPTV that ensure its superiority among other providers. They are offering a 24/7 customer support service to their customers.

Their technicians are always willing to resolve all the issues of the users in no time. In my experience, I absolutely loved it.

Furthermore, it is compatible with almost every device out there. These devices are Android, Android TV, Apple TV,  IOS, MAC Amazon FireStick, and Roku.

It also supports apps like VLC and KODI. In addition, they are offering a large variety of subscriptions so you can choose as many connections as you want.

These are some notable features provided by the Daily IPTV service 

  • Provides over 12 thousand live TV channels from all over the world.
  • Comes with a huge amount of Video-on-demand content
  • Servers are hundred percent stable and cause no lag
  • Supports every video format including HD and Ultra HD.
  • All of the subscription packages come in multi connections
  • Compatible with a large number of devices including Android devices, IOS devices, and Amazon devices.
  • 24/7 customer support service- very friendly and kind customer support team
  • Comes with an affordable pricing
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments to ensure user safety


  • Payment option is limited ( Only PayPal and Bitcoin)



Daily IPTV packages start from 17.99 dollars per month while allowing multiple device connections at a time. On the other hand, 90 Days (3 months) IPTV subscription costs a total of 33.99 dollars which is a lot cheaper than every other service that I have tested.

However, the cost of 6 months subscription is 55.99 dollars per subscription while providing access to every feature that it provides.

The annual plan is budget-friendly and I loved it personally. This subscription plan costs a total of 88.99 dollars per year. Just like every other service provider,  keep in mind that all of the payments are non-refundable.

10. King IPTV


King IPTV is one of the most popular, constantly growing, user-friendly, and reliable IPTV service providers. It is the best choice for you if you are looking for a massive number of Live premium TV channels along with VODs (video on demand) – as it is offering over 20 thousand live HD and Full HD TV channels plus a huge number of video-on-demand content.

Moreover, it supports all the devices out there including Android, Android TV, Apple TV, IPAD, Android Tablets, IOS devices, FireStick, and much more. In addition, it is compatible with many of the IPTV apps such as KODI, VLC, IPTV Smarters Pro, Smart IPTV e.t.c.

Smooth Playback quality is what made me fall in love with King IPTV. Simply, if you have an internet connection with over 15 MB Per Second Speed, you can enjoy all of your favourite streams as well as VOD content in 720p, 1080p, and 1920p quality without any effort. 

Pricing is not a problem as King IPTV is a very affordable service. Standard subscription starts from 15 dollars a month which Is huge.

However, it comes with 24 hours trial subscription which is 100 percent free. To be honest, this is the reason King IPTV is my top choice among the list of Top 10 IPTV Service Providers.

These are some key features of King IPTV

  • Offering over 20 thousand live HD and FHD channels
  • Comes with over 16 thousand HD/UHD/4k VOD content
  • 24 hours free trial which is 100% free
  • All video formats are supported including HD, UHD, and 4K
  • Compatible with a large number of devices including Android and IOS
  • Provides EPGs (Electronic Program Guides)
  • Amazing 24/7 customer support service available via email, email, and mobile


  • Each of the packages comes with only one connection at a time.



King IPTV offers cheap and affordable subscription packages. There are 4 packages available that come with different price sets.

The basic package costs a total of 15 dollars every month with premium features and services. 3 months subscription comes in 30 dollars while allowing access to all the features.

While on the other hand, 6 monthly subscriptions cost a total of 55 dollars per package and the annual subscription plan costs 80 dollars per year.

Keep in mind that all of the packages allow one simultaneous connection at a time and payments are not refundable.


This is it for today’s article because I have written down all the information about each service that I have used before. With this best IPTV reviews article, you will probably go to find the best and suitable service for you. It is because above you will find all sorts of services like expensive, budget-friendly, cheaper and so on.

Well since you have already made it this far but yet confused over which service to choose then here is my personal opinion. I would strongly recommend you go for the IPTVTrends if you can afford a bit expensive packages.

They are offering over 19,000 Live TV channels and over 56 thousand video-on-demand content, with 100 per cent server uptime and no buffering at all.

In case if you can afford a reasonable amount of money, Xtreme HD IPTV would be the best choice for you. Their packages are starting from 14.99 dollars per month on a standard subscription.

They are also offering a massive number of over 20,000 live TV channels as well as over 50 thousand VOD content including movies, TV series, and much more.

If you liked this article, sharing it with your friends and dear ones would be the greatest appreciation for me.

It would help them if they are looking for the Best IPTV Services to choose from, and would also encourage me to write a more interesting piece of content like this one.