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The IPTV space is slowly but surely becoming a saturated marketplace where many providers are outdoing their competitors by offering more channels and services. This can make selecting the right IPTV provider for you a difficult job.

Well, you do not need to worry about that anymore as I have been researching IPTV Service Providers from around the world and reviewing them. So in this King IPTV Review, I am going to tell you the service they provide and whether or not you should spend your hard-earned money on them.

But, before we get into the nitty-gritty about our main topic here, let us first discuss what exactly is IPTV?

IPTV is an Internet Protocol Television is a relatively new technology that aims to replace traditional cable TV where the stream of the television is sent to the subscriber using their Internet connection instead of the AV cables from the prehistoric days. 

There are many advantages to using IPTV instead of traditional TV. The first and foremost is that IPTV connections are relatively cheaper than traditional cable TV. This lets you save a lot of money while at the same time you get more channels and higher visual fidelity.

IPTV is also compatible with a lot more devices than your traditional cable. Other features include things like the ability to catch up with the shows you have missed, Video-On-Demand Services and Pay-Per-View Events. 

with our brief into IPTV out of the way, let us get right into the review of King IPTV.

For those of you who are in a hurry and cannot read the entire article, I have written a condensed version of my thoughts about this IPTV service in the conclusion of this article. 

What is King IPTV?

King IPTV is an IPTV service provider that has made a name for themselves in the time they have been providing their services to their customers.

With a huge collection of 17000 live TV channels, King IPTV will never let you run out of the content you want to watch, In their arsenal of Live TV channels, you get most of the premium channels from around the world which include News, Sports, Cinema, and Kids channels. There is always going to be something you are going to want to watch with King IPTV. 

The good thing at King IPTV owner also gives their customers Video-On-Demand services that rival Netflix with the amount of content. Their video-on-demand services have 19000 movies and TV shows that include the most highly rated works of art from around the world. You can just sit down and binge-watch this content all day long.

Their Video-on-demand services get updated every single day with the best content from around the world so you do not need to wait long for the newer seasons of your favourite shows. 

During my own time as a subscriber for King IPTV, I have found that the quality of the channels is one of the best in the Industry. Most of the channels you get are in their best quality and none of them is grainy as they are mostly in Full HD.

They also have a list of channels in 4K however I would have liked it a lot more if their infrastructure was updated to give all channels in 4K.

One of the best things I liked the most about King IPTV is their beginner-friendly approach. They help you along the way as you for the very first time get an IPTV subscription.

For people who are not very tech-savvy, IPTV can get a little intimidating as you are trying to figure it out for the very first time. So, if you are a beginner, you can rest easy as King IPTV has your back. 

How many Channels Does King IPTV Offer?

One of the important indicators of choosing an IPTV subscriber is their list of channels. If an IPTV provider has a good amount of channels, then you are in good hands.

King IPTV has a huge list of over 17000 channels from around the world. Their channel list is so huge that they have to classify it by their country and continent. If you are interested in the channel list from King IPTV, you can check it right here.

With King IPTV, you are never going to run out of content to watch. Their 17000 channel list includes all of the premium News, Kids, Cinema and Sports channels from around the world. If you are yearning for a Pay-Per-View event, then King IPTV also has you covered with their PPV channels. 

Your Kids are also going to enjoy the King IPTV service as all the best Kids channels like Cartoon  Network, Disney and Nickelodeon are on here. They are going to have a great time with all the child-friendly content they are going to have access to. 

So all in all, the channel list of King IPTV is nothing to scoff at and if you are someone that is looking for a lot of content at their fingertips and not break the bank paying for it, then King IPTV is the service for you. 

Do they Provide Good Customer Service?

The mark of a good company in any field of business is the care for their customers. If a company cares for their customers, they are going to be very accessible and they are going to help them in any way they can.

I, as a rule, only do business with the companies I am confident about providing good customer service. Well, then what is my verdict on the customer service from King IPTV?

I had a small problem in the beginning when I could not login into their service through the credential they had given me. I contacted them through their Whatsapp number and they were very quick to see my message and send me the necessary guidelines to solve my problem.

They also asked me later on whether my problem was solved or not. For doing this they get my seal of approval on the customer service front. 

Apart from their WhatsApp number, they also have a Telegram and an Email Address. You can also submit your problem on their website with your email address and they are going to be very quick in solving your problem.

So, as far as customer care and services go, I would say that King IPTV has one of the best Customer service in the business so you do not need to worry about the after-sale services. 

Device Compatibility

You may be on the fence to get King IPTV and may even have made up your mind after reading what I had to say about this great IPTV provider. However, from the back of your head, you may hear a worrying voice asking if you have a device that can support King IPTV.

Well, there is no need to worry about that as King IPTV is compatible with almost any multimedia device under the sun as long as it has the ability to connect to the Internet. However, just for clarification, I am going to list some devices that are compatible with King IPTV. 

King IPTV is compatible with all Windows PC, Macs, Android Phones, Android Boxes, Smart TVs, Apple iPhones, iPods, Tablets, Linux, Nvidia Shield and so many more. The device compatibility list is endless, which makes this service extremely accessible to the average consumer. 

Key Features

  • A huge list of over 17000 channels from around the world allows for endless content.
  • A constantly updating list of Video-On-Demand services of over 19000 VOD.
  • An endless list of compatible devices.
  • Helpful and accessible customer service and support staff.
  • The great visual fidelity of the content as most channels are in Full HD.
  • An Electronic Programming Guide to give you some information on what you are watching. 
  • 12 Hour Free Trial.


  • A small list of 4K channels. 
  • Have to be contacted directly if using other payment methods than bitcoin.

Payment Methods

Well, moving on to the payment methods to buy King IPTV i was happy to see that not only they have the option to be paid in cryptocurrency but they were also encouraging it

. I have been an early adopter of cryptocurrency and do not mind me saying but I have also made some money out of it. So the ability to pay for my King IPTV subscription using Bitcoin was a welcome option for me. 

If you are someone that is not into cryptocurrency and would like to use some other standard Payment method, then you are in luck there as King IPTV lets you pay for it using Paypal, Bank Deposit and many more. 

One thing that I did not like about this is that you need to contact them directly using their Telegram where they will hand you their credentials after which you are going to have to pay for their subscription

. This method is very slow and takes some time to process. However, if you are paying through cryptocurrency, you are not going to be facing these hurdles.

Pricing and Plans 

King IPTV has different pricing and plans which depend on the duration of time however the services remain the same. They have four tiers of plans and you can choose anyone of them according to your own budget and needs. 

3 Months

The Three Months Plan is going to cost you 45 Euros and includes all the services from King IPTV which include all the channels, VOD and EPG.

6 Months

The Six Months Plan is going to cost you 80 Euros and includes all the services from King IPTV which include all the channels, VOD and EPG.

12 Months

The Twelve Months Plan is going to cost you 140 Euros and includes all the services from King IPTV which include all the channels, VOD and EPG.

24 Months

The Twenty Four Months Plan is going to cost you 230 Euros and includes all the services from King IPTV which include all the channels, VOD and EPG.

Final Verdict

Well, this here sums up our thoughts on King IPTV. They are a great IPTV provider that has been providing a great service to their over fifty thousand customers from around the world.

They boast a huge list of 17000 channels which are from around the world. This huge list of channels lets you watch content from around the world.

These channels have all the content you will ever need to watch and they include things like News, Kids, Cinema, PPV and so many more types of channels. There will always be something for you to watch on King IPTV.

Their Video-On-Demand services are also some of the best in the industry as they have over 19000 movies and TV shows and this list gets updated every single day.

The visual fidelity of the Live TV and VOD is also great as most of the channels and content are in Full HD. A very helpful Electronic Programming Guide is also included which allows you to get some information on what you are currently watching. 

The device compatibility is also no joke when it comes to King IPTV as you can enjoy their services as long as you have any multimedia capable device that has the ability to connect to the Internet. 

King IPTV has one of the best customer care and support staff in the industry. They are very easy to contact and their professional attitude lets them solve your problem with ease. 

So, if you are in the market for a great IPTV service then look no further as King IPTV has everything and more you would want from an IPTV service. 

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