Daily IPTV Review 2022 – Channels List, Customers Opinion


I have been a Tech-Enthusiast for the better part of my life and one of the best days in my life was the day when I discovered that there is such a thing as getting your television stream through the internet or IPTV.

One of the very first IPTV subscriptions I got myself was for Daily IPTV and I have always had this as my primary IPTV service despite using other IPTV services for review.

So, in this Daily IPTV Review, I am going to share with you my experiences using this IPTV service and determine if they deserve your hard-earned money.

But, before we move to our main topic, I would like to explain the technology of IPTV for our first-time readers and why should one ditch the traditional cable services in its favour. 

TV streams have been lacking in innovation for a very long time as they have used the very same technology for transmission for decades now. This has caused TV to become a staler and people are moving to other alternatives like Netflix and Hulu.

IPTV aims to combat this by providing your Television Stream over the Internet and giving you more features while at the same time keeping a very highly competitive pricing strategy. 

These features of IPTV include things like Electronic Programming Guide, Catch Up, Video-On-Demand services, TV stream recording, Pay-Per-View events, and many more.

This influx of features has made IPTV a better service than traditional cable and people are making the switch to it dramatically. According to an estimate, the IPTV Industry has grown to 40 Billion dollars in 2019 and is estimated to grow up to 100 billion dollars by 2025.

Well, with that brief introduction about IPTV out of the way, let us now move to our main topic. For those of us who are not going to be reading through the entire article, I will have a smaller version of my thoughts and opinions about Daily IPTV written in the conclusion of this article.

What is Daily IPTV?

Daily IPTV is an IPTV service provider that is considered a Veterans in the IPTV space as they have been around for many years now.

They have a lot of experience dealing with their customers and providing quality service. They have taken it upon themselves to challenge Traditional Cable providers by offering a better service than their competition in a far lower price bracket. 

With over 12000 Channels from around the world which include premium channels as well, they have become one of my go-to IPTV Providers. This huge list of channels includes channels from all over the world and you can watch whatever content that your heart desires.

Their channel list covers different niches which include things like Kids, News, Cinema, Drama, Game Shows, Sports and so many more. Daily IPTV is a family oriented IPTV provider which is why they refuse to provide TV Channels that are catered to Adults. 

The Video-On-Demand Services from Daily IPTV are also on par with the bigger VOD services like Amazon and Netflix as they have over 12000 highly rated movies and TV shows from around the world.

Their VOD list is always getting updated with new content every single day and you will never need to go anywhere else to watch your favourite shows. 

Daily IPTV has many different features as compared to the price. For the very low price of just 18 dollars a month you get the entire package of channels and Video On-demand services along with an Electronic Programming Guide, Catch Up, VPN Support and so much more.

The service provided by Daily IPTV is compatible with a huge range of devices so you also never need to worry whether you are going to have a supported device. 

The visual fidelity offered by Daily IPTV is also immaculate as most of their channels are in HD and Full HD quality. This visual fidelity is also supported by AntiFreeze Technology which makes it so that you are not going to be experiencing any buffering in the TV Stream. All in All, Daily IPTV is the complete package which any IPTV user is going to be pleased with.

How Many Channels Daily IPTV offers?

The list of channels offered by Daily IPTV is enough to keep anyone busy for days by just switching through them. The entire list of channels is north of somewhere over 12000 which is more than enough content for anyone to enjoy through their lifetime. Any Premium Channel that you can think of from around the World is included with the Daily IPTV package. 

These 12000 channels include all the main and premium channels that feature News, Cartoons, Movies, Sports and Drama in many Languages.

If you are an immigrant and you are yearning for the TV experience from back home, then chances are that Daily IPTV is going to have the channels you will want to watch. 

If you are Millenial like me and only have installed IPTV for your parents then the Video-On-Demand services provided by Daily IPTV should be more of your alley.

With a huge list of 12000 movies and TV shows, you are going to have a great time binge-watching your favourite shows. This list gets updated constantly which makes it so that newer seasons of your favourite shows are available for you to watch as soon as they are out.

Do They Provide Good Customer Service?

One of the most important aspects of an IPTV provider is its customer service. I, during my own reviews, have gone through many Customer Services of IPTV Providers and have shared my thoughts and opinions about them with you. The mark of good customer service is that they are very accessible which favours their customer-friendly approach.

I am extremely disappointed with the Customer Services of Daily IPTV. They have this outdated ticket system on their website where you need to type in your name and email after which they will address your problem in a few business days. This system is extremely slow and I have nothing good to say about it.

Many of the competitors of Daily IPTV offer accessibility which they lack like a phone number, Telegram, and/or Whatsapp number.

This is my one and the biggest complaint I have with the folks at Daily IPTV and if they are reading this, I urge you to open these platforms to help your customers.

If in due time, you open these services then you can reach out to me so that I can test your customer services and update my review.

Device Compatibility

One of the most asked questions we get on forums usually by the beginners of IPTV services is if they need special set-top boxes to use their IPTV subscriptions.

We have answered this question many times as well however we would like to do so once more here. The Technology behind IPTV makes it so that you are not limited to certain devices.

Almost any multimedia device from the last 5 years that can connect to the Internet has the functionality to connect and play your favourite IPTV subscription.

That is the reason Daily IPTV is compatible with so many devices. You do not need specialized devices some shady IPTV providers try to sell you for marked-up prices.

However, for the sake of clarification, I am going to list some of the devices that can play Daily IPTV. These devices include Android Phones from all brands including Huawei, Apple iPhones, iPods, Windows PC, macOS, Linux, Amazon Fire Stick, Tablets, Laptops, Smart TV, Android Boxes, Nvidia Sheild and so many more.

Key Features

  • Over 12000 channels from around the World.
  • A huge list of 12000 Video On-demand includes all the top-rated TV shows and movies. 
  • All channels are in their best native quality. 
  • A huge range of compatible devices.
  • Not IP Locked which means that you can use VPN for watching Daily IPTV.
  • Multiple Connections for a small extra charge. 
  • Antifreeze technology means that there is no buffering during streams. 


  • Not many channels that are 4K. 
  • Customer service does not have a telephone number.

Payment Methods

Well, now that we have most of the review out of the way and you are thinking about pulling the trigger on buying a subscription for Daily IPTV, you are curious about how you are going to pay for it. I am going to answer that question for you right here. 

If you are a cryptocurrency buff and want to pay for it then you are in luck as the best method by Daily IPTV is payment through Bitcoin. This transfer will be extremely fast and you will get your Daily IPTV credentials in a few hours through your email.

However, if you do not trust decentralized currency or would prefer paying for a Daily IPTV subscription through the traditional payment methods then you have the option for paying for Daily IPTV through Paypal and Credit Card. This can take some time however once your transaction goes through you will receive your credentials as soon as possible. 

Pricing and Plans 

There are different tiers of packages for Daily IPTV which differ in their time duration. You will also be charged extra if you purchase more than one connection. The Pricing of all these plans is also extremely competitive which makes it a great option to consider.

30 Days Package

The 30 Days Package is going to cost you 17.99 dollars which has all the features Daily IPTV has to offer.

90 Days Package 

The 90 Days Package is going to cost you 33.99 dollars which has all the features Daily IPTV has to offer.

180 Days Package 

The 180 Days Package is going to cost you 55.99 dollars which has all the features Daily IPTV has to offer.

365 Days Package

The 365 Days Package is going to cost you 88.99 dollars which has all the features Daily IPTV has to offer.

Final Verdict

As I had mentioned earlier, I have been using Daily IPTV as my main IPTV subscription for a long time now and I could not be happier with them.

Yes, there are things they need to improve. They still need to improve their infrastructure to start supporting 4K channels and their customer services stick out like a sore thumb for me. However, as long as cons go, these cons are not as drastic as there is a lot that Daily IPTV offers that is good.

The sheer number of channels you can watch is no joke and I believe that you would always find something interesting for you to watch. Their Video-On-Demand Library is also a massive one and you can binge-watch all of your favourite shows using their service. 

Another thing that I liked about Daily IPTV is their VPN support which lets me keep my activities anonymous from my ISP. Not that I am doing something that is illegal, however, I do not like people snooping through my Internet activity. 

Daily IPTV is a great service that is offered to you at an extremely competitive price that blows many IPTV services and Traditional cable services out of the water.

So if you are looking for a good IPTV service that is going to get the job done then you do not need to look any further than Daily IPTV. 

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