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Hello Friends,

Welcome to my website IPTV Reviews, I am Ben Parker the founder of this website. I am a hardcore lover of technology, and I love discovering new things related to the computer. However one of my favourite hobbies is watching TV and as I spent most of the time on the computer I was very upset when I heard that we can’t watch our favourite shows on the internet.

For many years I have been playing with various applications like XMBC that is now known as the Kodi and also love to use streaming devices as I have purchased Firestick, Roku and even Nvidia Shield. Even after having these devices, it wasn’t enough for me but a few years ago I found a term called IPTV.

After hearing about it I started researching about it and even purchase various services from them. Unfortunately, I find out that most of these service providers were fake and all they offer was a piece of crap. Then I realize that just like me there would be many other people who want to watch TV on the computer but couldn’t find the right service.

Since I have already used hundreds of services for many years I am quite an expertise in this field. Although I only think about myself one day I was just thinking that how many people out there have had the same experience as me? How many people have wasted their money on buying these cheap services?

Right after that I had an idea to create a website for the TV lovers just like me and review IPTV services for them. As I am an old user of these services I have a piece of good knowledge about Internet Protocol Television. This is how this IPTVReviews.net website was created by me.

The sole purpose of this website is to provide my visitors with great IPTV services and protect them from online scammers.

This website is for educational purpose only and I will never charge a penny from my visitors. Although if you liked my work, just don’t forget to share it with others to help them get the right service.

If you still have any questions related to what I post here or want my opinion then you can contact me by filling this form